"And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers." Acts 2:42


Here at Immanuel Hmong we have 6 strong departments (including a head elder) that maintain and provide a solid foundation support - making this church possible. The six departments are as follow (in no particular order): head elder, education department, fellowship department, stewardship department, worship department, and evangelism department.

We also are blessed and honor to have all of our staffs and sunday school teachers who provide outstanding services through many volunteer hours by using their God-given talents and gifts.

You will find below a list of those who are in each departments and a staff here at Immanuel Hmong.

Our Church Committee Boards

Seng Tchaa (Txiv Tsev Seng Tchaa)
Head Elder (Thawj Txwj Laug)

Cha Yang
Head of Education Department

Tsong Va
Head of Fellowship Department

Ge Yang (Txiv Tsev Ze Yaj)
Head of Stewardship Department

Shia Vang (Txiv Tsev Siab Vaj)
Head of Worship Department

Kong Yang
Head of Evangelism Department

Yeng Moua

Our Staffs

Shoua Moua (Txiv Tsev Suav Muas)
Video Editor

Yeng Moua
Graphic Designer & Photographer

Xais Moua
Sound Board Technician

Chao Yang (Niam Xf.)
Music Director

Chao Yang (Niam Xf.)
Kid's Choir Director

Deseree Xiong (Niam Siab Vaj)
Women's Choir Director


Niam Tsev
Nursery Child Care

Chi Na Moua

Chuha Moua

David Yang
Sunday Offering Counter

Vong Moua
Sunday Offering Counter

Our Sunday School Teachers

Niam Siab Vang
Pre-School & Kindergarten

Chuha Moua
1st & 2nd Grade

Kia Thao
3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade

Niam Keng Kong
6th, 7th, & 8th Grade

Tsong Va
9th - 12th Grade & Single Young Adult

Pastor Pheng Moua (Xibfwb Pheej Muas)
Married Couples & Young Couple Adults